STAR® is looking for highly motivated and passionate individuals interested in working with sexual trauma survivors in our community. As a small non-profit organization, we rely on committed community members to provide support to survivors on our 24/7 hotline and accompany survivors to the hospital for forensic exams during day and night. We also utilize volunteers to conduct outreach and promote awareness of STAR® through educational forums and community events.

As a volunteer, STAR® will provide you with extensive training and educational opportunities, a supportive network of staff members and fellow volunteers, and an opportunity to help survivors heal and move past their trauma. Volunteering is a great resume-builder and a way to learn new skills!

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Our internship program supports the agency’s mission through graduate and undergraduate internships. We offer a collaborative, supportive and creative learning environment with many opportunities for students to work autonomously with the guidance of a supervisor, integrate theory and practice, and develop new projects and initiatives within a non-profit, social service organization.

Internships are posted on our website as they become available.

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Raising awareness about sexual trauma is the first step toward positive social change. Click here to request our participation at your community or professional event. Click here to request an educational presentation or training.

Every person can contribute to positive social change, starting by becoming informed and engaged. Connect to the movement to end sexual trauma by joining our Prevention Action Coalition (PAC) in Baton Rouge. The PAC is a group of community members and organization representatives who are passionate about ending sexual violence. Within the PAC, relationships flourish, and individuals gain knowledge and skills through training held on a bimonthly basis. With the knowledge and expertise developed, PAC members engage in collective action that leads to policy, environmental, and social change. The PAC is open to anyone in the Baton Rouge Area who is age 17 and older. Click here to access our PAC membership application.



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